As a Club we have some very big long term ambitions, such as an indoor facility, to enable tennis to be played all year round.  Shorter term goals include increasing membership and community involvement.

Being a nomadic club (i.e., with no permanent facilities), it is very reliant on membership fees and grants to cover the cost of court hire.  The main aims of the Club are to provide a safe, well run, accessible environment to play tennis, in the longer term to support home grown talent, and to forge links with a variety of local and Welsh based supporters to grow the club and promote their businesses in partnership with us.

Owing to the limited court time available to the Club, we don’t yet field any competitive teams.  We would, however, very much welcome more committee members and helpers to expand the Club’s activities.  Please send us an e-mail to brecontennisclub@gmail.com if you are interested in helping.

We would like to extend our thanks to:

  • Freedom Leisure Limited, for continuing to give the Club its home and use of the facilities at Brecon Leisure Centre
  • Elin Wozencraft, Sports Development Manager for South Powys, for her support and fresh ideas
  • Chris Hill, for is excellent coaching and for continuing to raise the profile of tennis in Brecon and the surrounding area
  • Brecon Sports Association Charitable Trust – for the opportunity to be a partner in the Association
  • Brecon Town Council for sponsoring the Club’s activities in 2018
  • Sports Wales for the award of Community Chest grants during 2018.